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The History

The World Famous Palomino Club TM

Now celebrating its 28th anniversary. Many country stars began their careers at the club and it has showcased many big names from the national and international scene. 

Managing partner Paul was born and grew up in Winnipeg but didn’t morph into the doctor of dentist his mother hoped for. He had a sharp business and marketing brain and sought his fortune in Calgary, where he ran restaurants and clubs for a decade before returning to Winnipeg in the mid-eighties.
In 1988 he opened the Palomino Club in the building once occupied by Pierre’s. He wanted a club with a country atmosphere and country music.
Paul was always a believer in giving good service, reasonable prices and live entertainment. Today, about 15% of entertainment is still country but the club also offers an eclectic mix of music, including classic rock.
“I never wanted to be just a hip-hop dance club,” says Paul. “I also ruled out having VLT machines right from the start. I wanted a club where people could meet, talk, socialize and enjoy music and good company.”
That policy paid off and soon the Palomino became a popular watering hole, well known beyond our borders. It became a meeting place for many personalities from the arts and sports world.